Despite Brian Stelter et al.’s best efforts to suggest otherwise, there’s still no evidence that Russia’s “computational propaganda” campaign stole the 2016 election away from Hillary Clinton (though we’re willing to concede that this powerful meme may have played a role).

But you know what? It’s good enough for Hillary, and this afternoon, she took that Russia ball and ran with it:

We can only assume she tweeted that under the impression that we’d never find out that Christopher Steele testified that her campaign and the DNC funneled money his way to help him “challenge the validity of the election” in the event that she lost the presidential election.

We must admit no such thing. Russia may have tried to be a fly in our electoral ointment, but they’re not responsible for Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Effing Trump. She did that all on her own. She built that. She made that happen. Not only that, but she’s been implicated in “a direct threat on our democracy.”

Despite all the shady crap she pulled, she still managed to blow it. She’s gonna need to find a way to live with that. She should just be grateful that she’ll have gotten away with it all.