As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN’s Brian Stelter acknowledged that the press has failed the American public … by not being obsessive enough when it comes to covering Donald Trump.

That’s why Stelter is apparently attempting to lead the charge to let the public know more about the massive role Russia played in stealing the election from Hillary Clinton and awarding it to Trump on a silver platter:

The mainstream media don’t need any help when it comes to eroding trust; they’re more than capable of doing that on their own.

Memes won Donald Trump the election? Really?

Serious, you guys.

If you’re swayed by “computational propaganda,” you were a lost cause from the start.

And hacks like Stelter count on their audience’s ignorance. Hell, they thrive on it. They willfully misrepresent the facts on a daily basis and have the nerve to take umbrage when they’re called out on it.

We thought that went without saying.

Yeah, Stelter et al. apparently missed the memo. They’d be up a creek if they were forced to report the facts as they are, rather than the facts as they want them to be.

Brave firefighters like Stelter are evidently literally incapable of admitting that Hillary Clinton was just a terrible presidential candidate. Or of admitting that they’re guilty of spreading propaganda and misinformation themselves.

Too bad Dr. Brian Stelter is in no position to be wielding the insulin pen.