Kamala Harris isn’t just stupid — she’s a straight-up liar:

Three women willing to testify under oath? We’d like to meet those women. Was it not just yesterday that Deborah Ramirez’s lawyer told Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans that Ramirez would not testify under oath and that “if you want our statement, read the New Yorker”? And Christine Blasey Ford’s incompetent attorneys have spent the past several weeks crafting excuses as to why Ford can’t be bothered to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford may still not show up to testify tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Brett Kavanaugh has never wavered in his denials or in his willingness to testify under oath, under penalty of perjury.

Senate Republicans have bent over backwards to accommodate Kavanaugh’s accusers and given them countless chances to tell their stories. And every time, the accusers have backed out. Moreover, Republicans aren’t preventing the FBI from doing their job — the FBI themselves said that because Kavanaugh is not accused of a federal crime, they cannot investigate any further. Harris knows all of this and is running with a blatantly false narrative.

We’ll agree with Harris on one point: Enough is enough. End this shameful circus and hold the vote.



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