Democratic socialist New York State Senate hopeful Julia Salazar’s biggest enemy isn’t her political opponents; it’s the truth. After getting busted for lying about her immigrant and religious background, and for allegedly trying to gain access to the bank account of Keith Hernandez’s ex-wife, now comes this revelation:

More from the New York Daily News:

“Citizens Union is hereby rescinding the preference it expressed for Julia Salazar in the Democratic Primary for New York State Senate District 18,” Randy Mastro, the chair of the group, said in a statement. “Salazar recently admitted that the information she originally provided to Citizens Union about her academic credentials was not correct, so Citizens Union has decided to express no preference in this race.”

A campaign spokesman called it an “error in her endorsement application.”

“Julia regrets that an error in her endorsement application led to Citizens Union rescinding its endorsement, but remains committed to working with Citizens Union and others opposed to Albany corruption if elected to take money out of politics and clean up Albany,” he said.

Salazar’s campaign materials had implied she graduated from Columbia University, but when questioned by the New York Times, she said she had completed her coursework but never graduated.


Everyone has their breaking point. At least they’re not giving her a total pass.

We’re assuming she’s, in fact, a woman. So she’s at least been honest about that.

We’re shocked. Shocked!



Oh, hey … would you look at this?

This girl is something else.