Guys. You guys. Remember Nathan Bernard? He’s the blue-checked “free speech activist” who blamed Ben Shapiro for a mosque shooting in Canada and then threatened to sue us for “reckless libel” for posting his tweets in their entirety.

Well, in case you were wondering, Nathan’s still obsessed with Ben Shapiro. And with tweeter @neontaster, who helped deliver the smackdown after he accused Shapiro of inciting the mosque shooting. And today, his two obsessions converged in one gloriously unhinged tweet:

Buckle up, everybody!

Man … if this is your best and brightest’s work, we’d hate to see what your worst and dullest are capable of.

This is just the greatest thing.

We highly doubt it. Nathan strikes us as the kind of guy who gives that space away for free.

Our sources say the same thing.

So, being owned runs in Nathan’s family? Sounds about right.

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