Alexandre Bissonnette pleaded guilty to killing six people in a Quebec City mosque in January of last year. It has been reported that Bissonnette blamed the shooting on Canada’s policy of welcoming more refugees into the country, which means the Left is blaming the Right for his actions.

That’s what they do unless the gunman turns out to be some crazy Iranian woman who shot at a bunch of YouTube employees because she thought they were trying to censor her channel …

But since Bissonnette fits their narrative the blame game is on:

Awww, ok. So since Bissonnette visited the Twitter feeds of Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham, and Bret Baier they’re all somehow responsible for his shooting six people in a mosque in Canada.

Notice the pretty blue check next to Nathan’s name.

Ben Shapiro wasn’t about to let this go:

But Trump?

Apparently, Nathan thinks people should have the ability to keep others from reading their feeds.

The stupid burns, right?

David Duke is convenient for these morons because they can compare anyone and everyone who they disagree with politically to him.

It’s a lazy way of vilifying your opponent.

Crazy talk.

Imagine writing about his tweet.


So does that mean by association Nathan has blood on his hands?


‘Nuff said.


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