Ruh-roh, Comey, sounds like your upcoming appearance on The View might be a tad on the bumpy side.

Look out, Comey, Meghan is on the warpath.

From Mediaite:

Speaking Monday on The View, the conservative pundit absolutely tore into Comey for what she deemed to be a personal vendetta of sorts from the ousted FBI Director.

“[I]t seems like he is settling scores,” McCain said.

McCain went on to bash Comey for the media tour which began in earnest on Sunday — suggesting it’s beneath the dignity of the office he once held.

“He clearly loves the media,” McCain said. “And that’s fine if you want to do what we do. But it’s not if you are the head of the FBI.”

This is gonna be LIT.

You can tell from the Left’s reactions on this thread:

Because her father lets the Democrats have their way.

We know.

Is this the part where we call this guy a sexist?

This gal should really use more emoji, it makes her seem so rational and informed.

Brian Stelter shared this piece as well, so the CNN harpies were all over Meghan too:

We’re sure she’s just heartbroken that abbeyzoe2209 despises her.

The irony here.


They just can’t deal with Meghan’s truth.

Sorry, not sorry.


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