As Twitchy told you, Kanye West is causing quite a stir today … by not dissing Donald Trump:

Freedom of thought? What a novel concept.

This is all a very tough pill for the Resistance to swallow. But Touré seems to be having a particularly difficult time:

In his piece for the Daily Beast, Touré concludes:

Kanye’s making it harder to love Kanye. It’s always been hard loving Kanye, but the righty rhetoric aligns him with people and ideas that are actively hostile toward black and brown people. I’m going to continue to try to keep loving him because, you know, he’s made so much great music, but there’s only so many times that he can play with right-wing toys before I start to feel like nah, there’s no beat hot enough and no verse dope enough to make me put on your record and also forget that you think it’s cool to co-sign people whose politics are dangerous for black people.

But I’m not done with him yet. Our relationship may be growing complicated but for now, I’m sticking with my man. Because I still don’t know if his heart is all the way in on the right. Maybe he’s just trolling us. Maybe he thinks being a black conservative seems like the most radical move he could make right now and he wants to shock, but he doesn’t really believe any of that stuff. That would be a dangerous game. Either way, Kanye just empowered [Candace] Owens, made her famous, helped her broadcast her message. She’ll always be the one who Kanye co-signed. Expect to see her on Fox News way more.

Ye’s making it harder to keep justifying him but for now, I still do. Because I still don’t believe that he really believes any of that conservative stuff. But then again, I don’t believe Owens really believes that stuff either.

Because how could any black person believe “that conservative stuff”? Take it from a woke progressive like Touré. Nothing says “progress” like sneering at minorities who take pride in thinking for themselves.

What if he is?

Sorry, Kanye. But that’s just not good enough for Touré.

Because if there’s one thing Kanye West needs to do, it’s explain himself to Touré. Maybe this is performance art. Maybe it’s genuine. But who is Touré to decide what Kanye West — or anyone else — should believe?

Man. People say Kanye’s got an ego. He’s got nothing on Touré!



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