As Twitchy reported over the weekend, Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens was caught on video shutting down a Black Lives Matter protester at a speech at UCLA, saying that she preferred blacks to have a victor mentality and not a victim mentality. Later that day, rapper Kanye West tweeted this, sending the Left into a frenzy.

Not only that: West also reposted a video by “far-right” “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams. As ridiculous as it is to call Adams “far-right,” it’s even more ridiculous to call West an “alt-right darling,” but that’s what Molly Roberts did in The Washington Post on Tuesday.

Roberts writes:

Kanye West was having a great weekend, until he wasn’t. One moment, the rapper-producer-entrepreneur was dispensing pearls of pseudo-philosophy on Twitter to the retweets of adoring observers. The next, many of those same admirers had turned to denouncing him instead. Oh, and he had become an alt-right darling. Whatever West is going through at the moment, the response to his Twitter spree reveals more about the people who have fled from him — and those who’ve flocked to him, too.

West’s fortunes reversed when he expressed his admiration on Saturday for red-pill YouTuber Candace Owens, an African American Donald Trump supporter known for, among other things, referring to Black Lives Matter protesters as “whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention.”


So how, exactly, is Kanye West “alt-right”? And how did his fortunes reverse, exactly? His fans are still fans; the only ones who seem butthurt are the handful of journalists writing about it.