Earlier today, CNN’s Brian Stelter did a report on Justin Simmons, a producer at a Sinclair-owned TV station who resigned last week, before the widespread revelations that the broadcasting giant had news anchors at its various stations read similar promos about “fake news.”


Justin Simmons gave notice at KHGI TV on March 26. This was after Sinclair’s corporate headquarters mandated that local anchors read the controversial promos warning of “fake” and biased news, but before the promos went viral and became a national topic of discussion.

Simmons told CNNMoney that he had been concerned about Sinclair’s corporate mandates for the past year and a half, and that the promos were just the final straw.

“This is almost forcing local news anchors to lie to their viewers,” he said.

In a resignation letter he shared with CNNMoney, Simmons wrote that he has been required to air “several segments that have made me uncomfortable.” He cited “the news media bashing promo our local anchors have been required to read” as the most recent example.

What Stelter failed to report, however, was that Simmons is not exactly the most Reliable Source when it comes to objectivity:

That sure seems noteworthy, doesn’t it?




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