As Twitchy reported recently, much of the media flipped their lids over a video showing anchors at stations owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group reading a common script regarding “fake news.”

No, it certainly wasn’t a good look for Sinclair, but it also didn’t look all that different from the usual suspects on cable news all pushing the same narratives — as the Daily Caller proved when it put together its own supercut of liberal pundits all repeating the same lines about Sinclair.

You’d think it would be enough for the public to decide what is and is not fake news, but of course, the government had to get involved. Sen. Dick Durbin has sent a letter to the executive chairman of Sinclair Broadcast Group with his concerns: first and foremost that the practice of handing down talking points “compromises the ability of local reporters to serve the unique interests of their viewers.”

Sounds like a job for the free market to us.

Joe Petricone of Business Insider asks a good question: why is a senator demanding a media company explain its editorial decisions? Because we have plenty of questions about the way similar talking points get transmitted by “competing” cable stations.

Lefties seem upset that Sinclair broadcasts over the air — for free! — snaking its tentacles into every home.

If two alumni of Media Matters have their panties in a bunch, then we’re certain we want Durbin to stay out of it.

Curious you’d mention CNN. The network’s Brian Stelter seems intrigued by Durbin’s letter.