Jake Tapper’s got a reputation as a solid journalist for a reason. While so many of his media colleagues ignore narrative-busting truths, Tapper is willing to confront them head-on.

Last week, Tapper was pretty much the lone MSM voice decrying Louis Farrakhan’s recent hateful, bigoted, anti-Semitic speech, bucking the media trend and pointing out how Farrakhan’s offenses are worse than even the egregious sins of the Alt-Right. Yesterday, Tapper called out Women’s March leaders for their hypocritical — not to mention disturbing — support of Farrakhan. And this afternoon, he also raised the issue of Democratic Rep. Danny Davis, who not only unapologetically embraces Farrakhan but also echoes his anti-Semitism:

Talk about a breath of fresh air.

If only Tapper’s colleagues would follow suit.