This past week, Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory engaged in a bizarre back and forth when challenged by a woman for supporting Louis Farrakhan, and then going on some rant about having the same enemies as Jesus and triggering a thread wherein Netanyahu was referred to as a bigot by an anti-Semite. At one point, Linda Sarsour stepped into the thread … to defend the anti-Semite.

Yeah, it wasn’t a good luck for the so-called women’s rights group and even Jake Tapper called them out:

Here’s Tamika’s tweet, in case you missed it or forgot:


Just bad.


How any man or woman can support Louis Farrakhan is beyond us, especially women who claim they want to empower other women.

Jake continued:

Jake summed it up better than we did, and he called it a hot mess.


And then referencing the above question about ‘lazy women’ …

We’ve been trying to figure out their ‘true cause’ for nearly two years, man, and all we’ve come up with is they hate Trump and support Farrakhan.

Like we said, not a good look ladies.


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