The NRA’s an easy target these days … and that’s just how the Broward County sheriff wants it, thank you very much. Anything to keep the focus off of him and his deadly incompetence:

As Twitchy told you, CNN reports that the sheriff’s office had been warned repeatedly about Cruz’s emotional instability and told that he’d threatened others with gun violence. At last night’s CNN town hall on gun violence, Sheriff Israel attacked Dana Loesch for “not standing up for” frightened students and victims of gun violence.

Looks like he was just trying to mask his own guilty conscience.

It’s great that CNN’s taking note today of Sheriff Israel’s gross dereliction of duty. Too bad Dana Loesch had to do their job for them last night.

Loesch’s calling out Sheriff Israel should’ve been the perfect opportunity for CNN to confront him about his office’s role in the Parkland shooting. Instead, they made Loesch the audience’s piñata and shirked their own journalistic responsibility. Pathetic.