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DELIGHTFUL! Black Democrat Warns ‘We Gon' Blow The Party Up' if They Choose White Man Over Kamala (Watch)

Sarah D.

As the Democrat Party tries to figure out what the Hell to do with the messy Biden bed they've made (and likely have to sleep in - sorry for the visual, lol), we're hearing a good bit about who might replace Biden and of course, nobody wants Kamala Harris because she is even more unpopular than Biden.


And considering at this point Biden is less popular than gas station sushi that's been sitting outside in the summer sun, that's not a good thing.

Unless you're a Republican in which case this is all funny AF.

We wondered what would happen if they overlooked Kamala for a rich white man like Gavin Newsom ... and it ain't good.


They are quote, 'Gon' blow the party up'. Gosh, sounds like our pals in Democrat Party are really having a hard time.

That really sounds bad. Yikes.


HA ha


Gotta love the fact that picking Kamala for her skin color and sex is officially backfiring on Biden and Democrats. Talk about schadenfreude on steroids.

That is literally the Democrat Party in a nutshell - emphasis on the nut.

See what we did there?


Wonder if they'll put fences up around it.


We are running out of popcorn ... and November is still four months away!

Better run out and get some more. 



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FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! First Democrat Officially Calls on Biden to Withdraw and Grab Yer Popcorn

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