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'Just a Wittle Old Farmer': Mark Cuban Steps On His Own ... FOOT Quoting 'Farmer' to Dunk on Republicans

AP Photo/Ron Jenkins

Is it just us or can Mark Cuban NOT get out of his own way lately? If he's not making a jagoff of himself babbling about the minimum wage he's falling for a phishing scam or trying to pretend a kindly old farmer in Ohio hates Republicans and Trump.


C'mon man, kindly farmers are OUR people. 

See for yourself:

He continues.

Wait for it ... 

Ashley St. Clair zinged him with this:

Cuban got defensive claiming once again that his quote is just from this little old farmer in Ohio.

Except you know, he's not just a farmer in Ohio, he's the head of the Democratic Party there in Shelby County.


He almost makes this too easy.

He walked right into that one. 


See what we mean?

But Trump!

Whoa. Coucy is ancient.


Calling Cuban is a shill is an insult to shills everywhere.






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