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Bro. Really? Eric Swalwell Takes Swing at MAGA Over 10 Commandments and Accidentally KOs Dems and Himself

When we see posts like this from Eric Swalwell we have to wonder if he actually knows HE'S Eric Swalwell. You know, the guy made famous by his alleged affair with a Communist Chinese Spy? His very loud fart on national television? Literally threatening to nuke millions of Americans?


Eric isn't exactly a pillar of his or our community. 

But we suppose he's not quite bright enough to realize making a dig at MAGA about the Ten Commandments is really stupid coming from him.

Case in point:


Toad says what?

As you all likely already know, this went very poorly for ol' Fartswell.

At least.


Pretty sure that's somewhere in the 'thou shalt not commit adultery' one.

Just spitballin'.


Crazy talk.

Because Eric is a troll.

That's all he is anymore.

Sad, ain't it?



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