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HACKERY! Charles C.W. Cooke Takes Philip Bump APART for Refusing to Admit He Eff'd Up Hunter Laptop Story


It takes a lot of either stupid or ego for any journalist who claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation to somehow insist even now that they were right. Luckily for Philip Bump, has a whole lot of stupid AND ego as he made clear in column insisting he got it right.


Even thought we all know it was wrong.

This guy ...


They are married to the idea that Trump is BAD and no amount of lying or deliberately manipulating a story is enough if it will somehow hurt him and him out of the White House. That and most of them are annoying, self-centered, self-important, butt-nuggets who spend their days pretending they're more important than they are.

Like Philip.

Charles C.W. Cooke took him apart:

... unfathomable levels of hackery.



He sure seems to think his readers like low hanging fruit.

Just sayin'.



Tough crowd.

But deserved.



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