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Multimillionaire Kamala Harris Says She Chose the Life of a Public Servant AND OMG We Got Nothin' (Watch)

Dr. Evil meme

Kamala Harris claims she chose being a public servant over aspiring for wealth ... because you know, she's not amassed a fortune being a public servant. The fact we have very wealthy public servants in this country should be a red flag for well, everyone.


But she thought this was somehow a good and smart thing to brag about.


Lucky us. 

*eye roll*

No, no she has not.

Unless you're an American public servant. Lots and lots of them are very wealthy. Heck, our leading socialist even owns three homes.

There's a joke to be made here but we are too tired to make it so please pretend we said something hilarious.



Something like that.


And that's a bingo.



Multimillionaire Kamala Harris Says She Chose the Life of a Public Servant AND OMG We Got Nothin' (Watch)

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