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GRRL ... Rachel Bitecofer DRAGGED Impressively for Embarrassing Attempt at Getting Harrison Butker FIRED


Oof. That was a mean headline, eh? Our bad.

But you know, after spending several days covering the Leftist flat-out lying about Harrison Butker's speech to enrage the masses who are too lazy to actually read or listen to Butker's speech for themselves, our filter is a little worn out. Promise, we'll write something nicer next time.


Or ... not.


Leave it to Rachel Bitecofer to prove how little she actually knows about football by trying to use football to dunk on a football player.

Talk about embarrassing:

Because, you know, kicking the ball through those posts is super easy and like, anyone could do it.


Girl. No.

But wait, she has a receipt!

Yeah, her post is bad all around.


She thought she was dropping Butker while trying to get him fired.

It was nasty and lame.

Is she, though?

Right? If anyone can do it this should be no problem. 


Certainly appears that way.



Gosh, so it's not that easy of a position.

Who knew?

OH WAIT, everyone and anyone who's ever watched a football game.



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