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WOOF! 'Biden Wins' Account Has Said Some Dumb Stuff in the Past But THIS Groceries Post is a DOOZY

Fuzzy Chimp

We get it. The Biden campaign is going into high gear trying to do some damage control and convince people the horrible economy, wars, and leaking southern border aren't really THAT BAD and if they are, well, it's Trump's fault or something but still.


They can only lie so much to people about things they witness and deal with every day.

Case in point, buying groceries.

If you're going to claim grocery prices 'plummeted' you better have some real proof, JACK!

This is so bad it's been Community Noted already:

Overall food prices were unchanged month over month in April, while food inflation increased 2.2% year over year, per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.Groceries prices jumped 1.1% compared to last year, but dropped 0.2% compared to March.

And they link a Yahoo finance story.

So, in other words, the Biden team is spinning words to lie to Americans - luckily, the majority of us have already figured out they're liars.

Considering how much work it must take to find 'wins' in the Biden administration? 

Heh. This works.


What he said.

Imagine voting for Biden.

Good times!



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