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John Fetterman TRIGGERS Horde of Shrieking Hamas Sympathizers With Israeli Hostage Post, Gives ZERO F**Ks

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

Once again, John Fetterman has surprised us with his consistent dedication to defending Israel and calling Hamas out, no matter how much his own side screeches, preens, and yells at him about AIPAC and genocide.


Don't get us wrong, we still disagree with a good bit of what Fetterman believes but his stance on Israel (and woke, but that's another story) has been admirable.

For example:

It's hard to believe it's been six months.


Plenty of sane, smart, compassionate, informed people who agree with Fetterman thanked him.

But we see a good bit more of the chest-thumping, mouth-breathing, haters in his comments.

Case in point:



One has to wonder if this guy thinks AIPAC is under his bed. Maybe they're hiding in his closet?


Keep in mind they're angry at him for caring about Israeli and American hostages.

And WHY is Israel attacking Palestine? Any idea angry person?


Nice flag.

We just don't get this level of paranoia and hate over a man simply caring about hostages taken (and sadly, likely killed) by terrorists.

Luckily, it doesn't seem like Fetterman gives one single f**k about their trolling, whining, and hate.



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