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Take the L! Dem AZ Candidate Ruben Gallego's Race Card Declined BIG TIME in Gloriously-Ratio'd Post

AP Photo/Matt York, File

You'd think by now our pals in the Democratic Party would have figured out that even people in their own party are getting sick and tired of the race card. Hey, we get it, this crap still works in some states (looking at you, California and New York) but for the most part, it's a dud.


Especially if you're a Democrat trying to pander to Latinos.

Like Ruben Gallego is trying to do in this post:

What? This reminds us of the whiners who complain when a straight actor plays a gay character ... what matters is ideas, Ruben. Not race.

Guess how this post went over.

Just guess.

OK FINE, we'll show you.

Thank GAWD.

Without running on identity politics, Democrats don't have much to offer. They can't talk about a great economy because they've been in charge for the past four years and it's horrible. They can't talk about safe cities, a secure border, lower taxes, or fewer wars ... they quite literally have nothing.

So Ruben played the race card.

And it failed. BIGLY.


When racism is your platform you must be a Democrat.




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