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John Hayward Takes Dems' Claims About Trump Being a 'Threat to Democracy' APART in Straight-FIRE Thread

South Park Studios

And we thought Democrats shrieked a lot when Trump was actually in office. Now that it's very possible Trump could be the GOP nominee this year (and Biden is an absolute disaster) they are shrieking even more loudly than before. 


If we hear how he is a 'threat to democracy' one more time we'll never stop throwing up.

John Hayward's thread explaining what they're REALLY doing here is brutal perfection:

It's GOOD when they act like authoritarians because it's for the greater good.

Or something.

As Democrats work to remove Trump from the ballot. 


Any Republican is literally Hitler. Duh.


It would be highly entertaining.

There has to be more.




They want to delegitimize any Republican and paint us all as evil white supremacists or whatever so they can retain power. It's not just about Trump, it's about all of us.



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