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Jon Lovitz Takes on Horde of Ignorant, Nasty Antisemitic Nobs Accusing Israel of Genocide ... and WINS

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP

Jon Lovitz isn't about to sit back and watch a bunch of uninformed and even antisemitic trolls push a dishonest and ugly narrative about Israel committing genocide. It's been fascinating watching the media and the Left work to somehow spin this entire conflict in a way that frames Israel as the aggressor even though we all know it was HAMAS who so grossly and horrifically attacked them on October 7.


Lovitz has been taking on a horde of stupid, and winning.

If you go down his timeline it's just him schooling stupid people over and over and over again.

It's actually quite entertaining.

Truth hurts.

Ok, so we can't see what this guy said to Jon but it can't be good. Pete deleted his account even ... 


True story.

Especially these pro-Palestinian types ... nasty things.



And as we've seen, the 'news' is relying heavily on Hamas.



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