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AOC Concern-Trolls Republicans Getting Death Threats, Trips SPECTACULARLY Over Her Own Stupid Tweets


Sounds like some House Republicans have been claiming they're receiving death threats for not voting along with Jim Jordan for Speaker. While we can neither confirm nor deny these claims, and we most certainly wouldn't condone threats if they're legit, maybe Republicans should just get it together and vote Jordon in so Congress can get back to work.


Just sayin'.

Anywho, the threats are being reported ... 

And AOC couldn't wait to jump in with some serious concern-trolling. For those of you who do not spend time on Twitter (we get it), concern-trolling is when a troll, like Sandy, pretends to care about something so they can actually dunk on those involved.

That's what she's doing here:

Was it?

Gosh, we seem to remember AOC not feeling all that sorry for other Republicans who were receiving threats ... heck, even when one SCOTUS justice had a man with a gun at his home.



And yup, that's DEFINITELY her.

Aww yes, how quickly they've forgotten the Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill Steve Scalise.

Something like that.


*cough cough*

Yeah, that works too.



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