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Oilfield Rando MOCKS NBC sob stories about ADULTS having to pay student loans back in HILARIOUS thread


Awwww, NBC News has a sad. Seems they're feeling very sorry for adults who knowingly took out student loans and have to actually pay them back. The horror. Who'da thunk agreeing to loan terms and signing on the dotted line would mean that someday those loans would have to be paid back?


For shame!


NBC even put a story together sharing 'sob stories' about certain adults who we apparently should care more about than others. Oilfield Rando was good enough to go through and pull the sob stories out (and add commentary) to save us some clicks and taps.

He's a giver!

We wanna see who's crying as well.

Yeah yeah, we're big meanies.


Wait, she did what now?


Forbearance is about saving money ... not accruing more debt.

Alrighty then.

We're starting to sense a LOT of bad decisions being made here.

We're going to go ahead and say no, no he did not.

How TF do you even qualify for ONE MILLION in student debt?!

These are the brain trusts who want Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck to pay off their loans. Hey Biden, see why this pisses us all off yet?




Newsom chooses 'history-making' first Black lesbian to fill Feinstein's seat, there's just 1 BIG problem

'You're a FOOL': Megyn Kelly VICIOUSLY claps back at Mediaite for trying to dunk on her over Fox News

Did Biden just spill the beans on his Ukrainian 'interests' in statement on bipartisan funding bill?


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