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Matt Walsh pulls ZERO punches in this brutal 'Come to Jesus' moment addressing trans activists (watch)


Matt Walsh is brutal.

But knowing the things Walsh talks about and fights, he has to be. The people he's up against don't play fair, they don't play nice, and they refuse to listen to reason and reality ... 


So Walsh often has several 'Come to Jesus' moments. 

Like this one where he shares his message TO trans activists:

... You want my children to share in your confusion so that you can feel better.

This. So much this.

Hey man, when Elon Musk agrees with you.

They really are bullies. Yup.

That's what this all boils down to.

Protecting our children.

And there is no greater warrior on the side of sanity and truth fighting for our kids than Matt Walsh




This. ALL of this! --> Dan Bongino goes SCORCHED-Earth and STRAIGHT-FIRE in EPIC pro-life segment (watch)

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