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NO BUENO! Martha Bueno's hot take on Americans 'not wanting immigrants' does NOT go well, like at all

Twitchy/UHF Meme

It gets so old debating the whole immigrants versus illegal immigrants argument especially when people like Martha Bueno go out of their way to make a disingenuous point like this one claiming Americans don't want immigrants.


Yeah, we made the same face.

Psst ... they all came here legally, Martha.

That's the key.

Nice try, but ...

Ding ding ding.


Gosh, we dunno. One follows our laws to enter the country and the other does not? One comes here to live the American Dream and one hops a border hoping for a freebie?


We get it, she thinks she's making some great STATEMENT here, but ... nope.

Hope she gets that sweet engagement she's likely going for though.



WHOA, we know what REALLY happened to that F-35 fighter jet! You can see pics of the THIEF here (lol)

Molly Jong-Fast and other Lefties claim Kamala Harris is Democrats' SECRET WEAPON in 2024 and BAHAHA

INSUFFERABLE trans activist RUNS after Riley Gaines owns him in back and forth about men NOT being women


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