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Biden's Ed. Sec Miguel Cardona SNAPS at Ted Cruz for CELEBRATING 'F' he was given over masking and LOL

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Oh no! The Education Secretary who shared his R-rated hip hop playlist with a bunch of kids gave Ted Cruz an F because he didn't believe kids should be forcibly masked at school. 


What EVER will Ted do NOW?!

Respond, that's what.

It is INDEED a badge of honor!

Cardona fired back:

Yeah, they are, Miguel. They know who robbed them of years in the classroom, who forced them to cover their faces for eight hours a day, who took lunch, activities, friends, and events away from them.

And it wasn't Ted Cruz.

Get a mirror, bro.


That too.

But Thomas Massies' response was the best:


Give the money they're paying Miguel to the teachers who deserve it.

Not the union teachers though.




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