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NM Republican Stefani Lord drops ALL the mics on Gov. Grisham claiming NO ONE helps fight gun violence

AP Photo/Andres Leighton

New Mexico Governor Grisham is having a very very very tough week.

And deservedly so.

It's refreshing to know that even most Democrats don't like what Grisham did here, even if it's because they think she overplayed their hand which will make eventually grabbing our guns that much harder.


One thing Grisham keeps claiming is that nobody is doing anything about gun violence in New Mexico ... except that's really not true. And honestly, the person standing in the way of getting things done that would actually have an impact is Grisham.

Funny how that works out.

Take for example Republican Rep. Stefani Lord who LIT Grisham UP:


Like most Democrats, Grisham is soft on crime because they all lead with the soft bigotry of low expectations and seem to think holding criminals accountable is inequitable or something.

It's stupid, we know.

Yeah, having an open border probably doesn't HELP with the gun violence.

But you know, limiting the ability of those who obey the law ALWAYS stops the bad guys. Totally.


Yup. Democrats proved it during the government lockdowns, they LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweet-fed cash.

Even at the expense of their own citizens in the name of PUBLIC SAFETY.

What a joke.



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