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Gov. Grisham doubles DOWN on suspending right to carry and WOW, talk about BACKFIRE to end all backfires


As we here at Twitchy cover Twitter/X we see a lot of dragging, slamming, trouncing, walloping, wrecking, dismantling, etcetera of stupid people who tweet stupid things. We are basically experts when it comes to dumping salt in someone's wound after they've been destroyed on Twitter/X. Hey man, someone has to do it. That being said, even WE were surprised by the amount of backfire, dragging, and dropping Governor Grisham received when she tried justifying her stomping on the Second Amendment rights of her own citizens WHILE doubling down on it. She had to know this wouldn't go well, right? Look at this.




How things have changed.

Wouldn't hold your breath on this one.

C'mon now. That isn't equitable or whatever horse crap they call it these days.


As usual.

There it is.

Actually, there's a whole lot more.


We see what he did there.


We see what she did there.

Like any good Democrat, she knows the Constitution is a barrier to everything she wants to get done. Just ask Barack Obama.




You KNOW NM Gov done screwed up suspending right to carry when even Ted Lieu and David Hogg call her OUT

Bill Melugin lists every BLUE Sanctuary City's schadenfreude over incoming migrants and it's GLORIOUS

Glenn Greenwald BUSTS DNC Leftists working with ADL to censor us ALL in damning, must-read THREAD


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