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PLOT TWIST: Newest group of Florida Nazis are BIG Joe Biden fans annnd we can't stop laughing (watch)

Meme screenshot

This is ... weird.

Even a little hilarious.

Seems the newest groups of Nazis showing up in Florida are Biden supporters. Then again, probably the most well-known white supremacist in recent years, Richard Spencer, also became a Biden supporter so maybe we shouldn't be all that surprised with this.


Keep in mind, if this yahoo was giggling about how much he likes Trump, we'd call them bad actors or feds so that is likely still the case with them supporting Biden BUT it's still fun to point it out.

Watch this psycho:

And he probably wonders why he can't get a job.



Technically they were the first white supremacists but we digress (cue mouthbreathers screeching about the PARTIES SWITCHED PLACES).





Hoo boy.



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