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Ouch-ville, population THIS guy: David Hogg FACT-NUKED for exploiting UNC shooting in lame anti-gun video

What in the Krispy Kreme Eff is THIS?

Forget that David Hogg is spewing a bunch of nonsense and easily fact-checked rhetoric, but why is his head floating around in the video? What? Most people just do a voice-over or something, you know? Or maybe just put your head in a corner of the video so it's not just hanging around in the sky while you exploit a shooting for clicks, taps, and clout. 


This. Is. Weird. And exceptionally annoying.

Not to mention David has no idea what 'the vast majority of Americans' really want about anything, let alone guns.

Graduates from Harvard ... and doesn't get a job.

That reads for this generation.


Yup, this editor has become the mean old lady on the corner who yells at kids to stay off her lawn. Good with that.


Hey, maybe that vast majority is floating around in his empty little head that just so happens to be floating around in this video.




Gold star dad goes SCORCHED EARTH on Biden, holds NOTHING back and it's simply SPECTACULAR (watch)

I'm about to tell the truth. QUICK, ALERT THE AUTHORITIES!

Bro, take the L! Keith Olbermann tries picking a fight with Riley Gaines and HOO BOY was THAT ever stupid


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