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SCUMBAG AP 'journo' Steve Peoples actually SHOCKS Twitter/X with ugly piece on Jacksonville shooting


It's not every day an outlet can write something so horrible, so awful that it shocks all of Twitter/X. Considering the insanity we see on that site/platform it's hard to shock or surprise any of us who actually pay attention.


But this from the AP's Steve Peoples, using the Jacksonville shooting to not only attack DeSantis but everyone on the Right? This was shockingly hateful and bad - not just for us, but for all users.

Dude should be ashamed; hope he gets the clicks and taps he wanted out of this garbage.

From the AP: 

The tragedy cast a shadow across the Republican presidential campaign this week as candidates faced uncomfortable questions about the party’s increasing appeal among white supremacists and the GOP’s fight against so-called “woke” policies on race and gender. While DeSantis has not mentioned his “war on woke” in recent days, cultural issues have been the centerpiece of his campaign.

Increasing appeal among white supremacists? WHAT?!

Virtually all of the candidates have embraced a similar message aimed at appealing to the GOP’s white conservative base by downplaying the existence of racism in America and restricting LGBTQ rights. To win the general election next fall, the Republican nominee will likely need to appeal to a much more diverse group of voters. But the primary fight won’t be decided for several months.


Awful, yup.

Remember when the AP was worth a damn? Sure, it's been quite awhile but once upon a time people could actually count on them to report news. These days? Not so much.

Being a-holes? Trying to hurt DeSantis? Trying to keep Biden in power? 

Accurate, short, simple, yet effective.


Nobody wants to be scoffed by Hollaria Briden, Esq. & Ally.


San Francisco.


New York City.



Seems Steve really missed the boat with this one ... wonder if he'll figure it out.



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