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WOW: Fani Willis' campaign director tries LOCKING account after anti-Trump tweets discovered (pics)


Nothing to see here, just Fani Willis' campaign director locking his account after his anti-Trumpism was exposed by Natalie Winters. Gosh, it's almost as if Willis might have a little political bias going on here, right? She wouldn't let someone direct her campaign she disagreed with politically ...


Just sayin'.

But sure, this whole Georgia case is all about justice. TOTALLY.

Check this out:

He's been trying to take Trump down for six years.

AND he's affiliated with the Biden campaign.


That seems sort of, oh we dunno, like a conflict of interest? Oh, and yes, his account is still locked down this morning.

Hey, people have to do what they've gotta do BUT it's not a great look, that's for sure. Nothing to hide? Why lockdown?

What he said.


We are hardly experts, of course, and as we have said many times, HOWEVER, this guy could be onto something. Couldn't hurt.

Definitely keeping an eye on this one.



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