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DAMNING thread proves Biden admin used Facebook to silence and censor conservatives in more ways than ONE

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Biden administration wasn't just trying to shut conservatives down on Twitter, they were also doing it on Facebook. Now, it's likely they were doing it on all social media platforms and eventually, we'll see information like this about those platforms as well ... especially Instagram since you know, Zuckerberg owns it.


Anywho, Rep. Jim Jordan dropped another addition of the Facebook Files that shows just how far Biden was willing to go to control what people were seeing, reading, and hearing. Take a look:

All new.


We know they've been reducing reach for any narrative, story they don't like.

Even if the narrative and story is true.

For example, we're learning they blocked information about vaccine side effects that THEY KNEW were true.

Evil, right? Keep going.

Wanted us kicked off.

This editor can tell you for a fact they've been limiting Twitchy's reach for a long long time now.

Wanted to change the algorithm.


And contain it they did.

Of course, they caved. It's what they do best.

Censorship-industrial complex.

It just keeps getting worse.



How many smoking guns do we NEED? Check out handwritten NOTE Joe Biden sent Hunter's biz partner (pic)

Read it and WEEP, Dems: Oversight Committee releases Devon Archer transcripts and it's BAD (for Biden)


HA! Look on Eric Swalwell's face when woman calls him out at HIS OWN town hall is *chef's kiss* (watch)


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