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Keith Olbermann gets BEAT with the ugly stick in heated back and forth with Thomas Massie over COVID jab


There are several elected Republicans we wouldn't pick a fight with on Twitter. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and of course, Thomas Massie. They all have proven time and time again that even though they're senators and representatives, that doesn't mean they have to take any crap from anybody, especially on Twitter.


Just one of the many reasons this editor likes them all. 

Anyway, today's 'take no crap' episode involves Thomas Massie and mouth-breather extraordinaire, Keith Olbermann. It all started with this tweet from Massie about the COVID jab:

For whatever reason (probably boredom and a sad, pathetic desperation to be relevant no matter what), Keith Olbermann decided to take a swing at Massie over his tweet. Now, if you've been paying attention at all you know Massie is right but ... this is Olbermann we're talking about.

Wow. This is dumb on so many levels. It's so dumb, in fact, we almost feel sorry for Olbermann because even before we saw Massie's tweet, we knew what was coming. Forget that we all heard Biden promise the COVID vaccine would literally stop people from catching the virus (which was a damn lie), but we all know where Massie actually went to school.




That's ... interesting. And likely accurate. Kudos to Massie for not rubbing his education in Olbermann's big, dumb face since he went to MIT.

Painful but delicious Twitchy fodder, indeed.



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