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Pot lobbyist TORCHED for claiming no adult was forced to take the COVID vaccine and LOL just WOW

It's not often we come across an account we think is HORRIBLE, then pause and consider that it might be a parody because it's just that horrible, and then find out, NOPE, that horrible account is real ... but it does happen. Hey man, Twitter is horrible and it just amplifies the horrible in horrible people.


Like this Lauren Houston person.

She seems to think adults weren't forced to take the COVID vaccine even though anyone who didn't have their heads permanently stuck up their backsides over the past three years knows differently.

She couldn't be more wrong if she actually tried to be wrong.

Profoundly untrue and unhelpful even.

True story.


Oof, when even the thesaurus is dunking on you.

Do this or your family suffers (starves, ends up homeless) is not a choice.

She should but she won't.

The attention is likely exactly what she wanted so she could push whatever it is she believes in.

Like you know, pot.

Really really really missing the point. How exactly did she 'get out of it'?

What a horrid hag.


Something like that.

*cough cough*



Dr. Jordan Peterson DROPS uber-harpy Saira Rao for latest 'white people are bad' tweet and it's GLORIOUS

Adam Schiff's big bad tough thread/spin on Russian 'coup' has NOT aged well at all and LOL

Riley Gaines makes mean 'girls' from USA Today and MMFA trashing her look STUPID with just one tweet


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