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James Lindsay drops Democrat senators for helping actual communists cancel Moms for Liberty event

Sounds like a bunch of ignorant AF Democrats helped a group of actual communists cancel a Moms for Liberty event.

And they're BRAGGING about it.

Case in point:


How stupid do you have to be to think parents fighting for their kids to have a real education are the bad guys and communists are the good guys?

You know what, we don't wanna know.

Then the commies wrote a thread bragging about it:


Trump is right, we should bar communists from entering the U.S.

Just sayin'.

Again, they say this like it's a bad thing.

Communism is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions ... but go off, commies.

Indeed it is.

James Lindsay with the takedown (hey, they took a swing at him first):

Especially those a-hole senators.




Biology professor fired for teaching science behind male versus female (or you know, literal BIOLOGY)

'Appalled' FBI issues statement about Patriot Front unmasking and LOOK OUT Adam Kinzinger lol

Pot lobbyist TORCHED for claiming no adult was forced to take the COVID vaccine and LOL just WOW


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