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Peter Hotez is the Taylor Lorenz of Rebekah Joneses MELODRAMATICALLY hoping to stay on 'new' Twitter

Twitter Meme

WOOF! We feel like we've been writing about this Peter Hotez guy for far too many days in a row now BUT every time we think the story might be over, he pops up again. After claiming he was being stalked at home (the photo we saw shows him shaking a man's hand) and then endless bleeding hearts on the Left treating him like he's some sort of SUPER IMPORTANT DOCTOR being attacked by the evil masses, he tweeted this article about how scientists are leaving new Twitter.


Like that's a bad thing?

Anyway ... 

He then said he hoped he could STAY because it's important for science and stuff.

Don't make that face, we didn't write his tweet.

'Its new form.' You know, the 'form' where experts aren't silenced if they disagree with the narrative being pushed by the powers that be in the government and public health. He doesn't like that. Figures. 

And as usual, it has not gone over so great:



Not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for Peter.

Reminder, none of this had to happen ... the 'vaccine expert' started it. He went after Spotify for not censoring Joe Rogan and the rest, as they say, is history.

Always a silver lining.



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