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Joe Rogan DROPS Tom Nichols on his smug head for calling him a conspiracy theorist and BA HA HA

As Twitchy readers know, vaccine 'expert' Peter Hotez talked a lot of smack about Joe Rogan and used a VICE article to complain that Spotify isn't censoring Rogan enough. Of course, he didn't bother to tag Joe in his tweet-scold ... 


That being said, Joe did see the tweet and as we all know, all Hell broke loose.

At this time, Hotez has yet to accept Joe's challenge:

For whatever reason, Twitter's Expert™ Tom Nichols, thought it would be a good idea for him to chime in with something smug and annoying.

Because no one knows smug and annoying quite as well as Tom does.

And lucky Tom, Rogan responded in kind. Except he wasn't smug, he was direct AF and dropped ol Tom on his head.


What he said.

And then some.

There's just something really beautiful about watching Rogan tell Nichols to take ALL the seats.



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