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Guy too nutty for even the Democrats to acknowledge goes full #BlueAnon over Ivana Trump's grave

Trump. Broke. Them. All.

Rick Taylor, who ran as a Democrat in Ohio but for whatever reason did not end up on the ballot, seems to believe there is some conspiracy around Ivana Trump’s grave. Taylor thinks she was cremated and seems to be implying that Trump put illegal docs or whatever in a casket and buried them claiming it was the resting place of his ex-wife.


Don’t make that face, we didn’t tweet this nonsense.

It’s like we’re watching a bad sitcom … and nobody else is watching. Taylor figured out this was stupid and locked replies which you know, only makes people quote-tweet him more. He did allow tweets like this though:

Yikes, right? Not, to be fair, this account claims to be a parody so maybe he’s doing his parody thing here. Maybe?


We got nothin’.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go so hot for Taylor:


Yup, it was because people were telling him he was a horrible person.

Not enough therapy in this world to fix this.


We just want to help, man.

They’ve never been able to figure that out. One minute they’re shrieking about Trump being this evil mastermind then the next they’re babbling about how stupid he is. Hey, nobody has ever accused them of you know, making sense.

Or being sane.

Or being decent.

Good times.



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