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AOC ragging on SCOTUS calling them corrupt for you know, adhering to the Constitution goes SO very wrong

How stupid does someone have to be to think SCOTUS ruling against Biden’s unconstitutional student loan handout would be corrupt?

Oh … wait, we know already.



Holy Hell.

We’ve said this before but honestly, it really does feel like she’s getting dumber in real time.

From Fox News:

The conservative-leaning court is expected to issue a decision on the financial scheme by the end of this month. Roughly 43 million borrowers are eligible to receive the federal handout, some for up to $20,000.

Ocasio-Cortez was asked by an Instagram follower whether she believed there was “actually any hope” for Biden’s plan to be saved in the court. She posted the answer on her Story, while also sharing a warning for the president not to “shrug” at a “bad ruling.”

“In every convo we’ve had with the White House, they feel very strongly about the chances of their case before the court,” the progressive Democrat wrote. “While I personally do not share their same sense of optimism (not because I doubt the legal case, but because I do not believe the SCOTUS’ corruption can be trusted), the Biden admin has been insistent that they feel they have a case.”

It’s so bizarre how she thinks adhering to the Constitution is corrupt.


Then again, she was confused by a garbage disposal so we’re not really dealing with the brightest crayon in the box here.

Carrie Severino with the drop:

And boom.





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