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Thread 'lays down some hard truth' on women and today's cultural tug-of-war and it's SPECTACULAR

It’s that time, dear reader when we post a kick-butt thread that doesn’t need much commentary from any of us ol’ Twitchy editors because it can absolutely stand on its own. This thread from ‘Elaine’ dropping some hard truth on women and today’s ‘cultural tugs-of-war’ is just so damn good.


She wrote this in response to Chloe Cole interviewing Layla Jane – the interview is pretty spectacular unto itself, but the thread it inspired?


Take a look:

Keep going.


Perfect articles, perfect tweets … we feel this.



We love this.

So much.

A blessing and an honor.

Not a caricature …

What if your body gives a little when hugged, and you smell like cookies AND Chanel No. 5?

Just sayin’.

Down with BARBIE!


And not a big circle put together by a bunch of adults who think that’s the way they can pretend they’re pushing diversity and equity to play politics.

We’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING.

Women … let’s do this.



Someone’s SCARED: James Comey warns of ‘4 years of retribution’ with a Trump presidency and LOL (watch)


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Local familiar with MuellerSheWrote shares MORE about ‘stolen valor’ claims and grifts in BRUTAL thread


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