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Bro, WHAT?! Rumble CEO trashing Community Notes on Twitter does NOT go well, like at all (cue the notes!)

And here we thought Rumble is all about free speech? Weird.

Hey, their CEO Chris Pavlovski said they will fight against censorship in 2024 so you’d think this would be true …


But then again, he’s against the ‘little people’ having the ability to fact-check liars, grifters, and gaslighters on Twitter.

That’s what Community Notes is really all about, after all.

Weird, right?

Especially when it’s these same ‘little people’ who are often the most censored of all. Maybe Pavlovski doesn’t know there is a review process for someone to be approved for Community Notes? Or maybe he’s just as bad as the mainstream media and doesn’t think individual contributors know as much as ‘they’ do?

It’s been our experience that these individuals often know MORE.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over so hot:


What she said.

And they’ll never allow that on Rumble?

Isn’t that you know, censorship?


And cue the block:



If the Twitter Files have shown us anything, the ‘little people’ who have been fact-checking the ‘big people’ have been right more often than not.

Maybe listen to them?



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