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‘Mama didn't raise no B*TCH': Lesbian takes Pride Month APART in hilarious video (watch)

This TikTok video from @jessi.lawless about Pride Month is exceptional.

She is a shining, down-to-Earth example of what most gay Americans believe … but as we are buried in a world of social media and feels, we forget this. We forget sane because INSANE is so damn loud, all of the damn time.


So we thought we’d share a little sanity with you, dear reader.

Please note, this is not SFW (safe for work) unless you work with a bunch of sailors who don’t mind the f-word. And even with that being said, it is exceptional.


We kinda sorta totally love her. Yup.

Awww, well that reads.

More than we even realize. We would go so far as to even say it’s the majority of the LGB community.


She makes her points while making us all laugh … and her points have MERIT because they are common sense.

We need so much more of this.



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