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Lefty white women in Oakland cry about living under Lefty policies THEY VOTED FOR (watch)

It may sound harsh but watching these women cry and complain about living in dangerous Oakland knowing they more than likely voted for the very policies that make living there so horrible? Not feeling a ton of sympathy for either of them. They could absolutely vote for new leadership that would go a long way in dealing with the crime they’re afraid of, but that would be voting for big-mean white supremacists or whatever. Women like this have spent so much time patting themselves on the backs for supporting equitable politics that they’ve sort of forgotten why the laws were what they were before.


When you put criminals ahead of victims because you’re obsessed with identity politics, this is what you end up with. Every time.


Maybe stop being a Lefty and vote for common sense? Just a thought.

Now, to be fair, these women may not be of the Leftist persuasion … but that they’re in Oakland we’re willing to bet they are.


They always find a way to blame something other than how they vote.

Systemic violence?

No, it’s the people you put in power who care more about criminals than victims. Simple.


And that’s the sad reality of Lefty white women.

They’ll keep voting for things that hurt them and their families because it makes them feel important or like they did something for the little people.



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