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Popular MAGA account with 1000s of followers BUSTED as a Democrat Operative (deletes account)

Pretending to be MAGA? Democrats are scared.

And they should be.

Sure, right now the Trump and DeSantis camps are at one another’s throats HOWEVER, both candidates are strong enough to worry our pals on the Left. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be working so hard to make the Right fight. We’ve heard about these sorts of accounts for years, and we all know Obama had his OFA (Organizing For America) group which is probably where this sort of sneaky, underhanded, weak, lame-AF nonsense started.


And it really is sneaky, underhanded, weak, and lame AF.

We looked to see what this account has been up to and yeah … definitely working to divide and make MAGA look bad.

That was this account’s whole ‘deal’.

It looks like it was first exposed here?

Now, you’d think they’d be smart enough to check a timeline, maybe check some tweets before pretending to be a MAGA Catholic but … nope.

This is just lazy.

C’mon, man.


Undermine and divide.


It would appear so, yes.

One wonders if he was being paid.

Or she?

And by whom.

It just goes to show, if someone or something seems too good or too bad to be true, it probably isn’t.

Keep your heads on a swivel out there, Righties. It’s only gonna get bumpier from here on out.

And remember, they WANT US to fight.


Editor’s note: We were mistaken, it was thousands not tens of thousands of followers so we updated our headline. Thank you! – sj



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