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David French sure can dish it OUT when attacking the Right but BOY HOWDY, he can't take it

As Twitchy readers know, David French once again wrote something mean and nasty about the Right for his pals on the Left who love watching a self-hating conservative trash the people who helped get him to where he is. This time, Dave went after masculinity on the Right and used Josh Hawley as proof that it was wrong or weak or mean or whatever point he was trying to make.


Hawley responded, and then David’s wife went after him.

Note, none of this would have happened if David hadn’t attacked Hawley and the Right in the first place:

Maybe David should stop trashing the Right … just a thought? It happens every time. David writes something awful about the Right to appeal to his new masters at the New York Times, the Right is not amused and calls him out, and then he complains about being called out.

He’s sort of like the most annoying troll who says something stupid and then quickly plays the victim when it backfires.

And granted, plenty of people on the Right were also not ok with Sara Gonzales’ joke/dig, but again, would she be making any such dig if Nancy wasn’t attacking Josh who called out David over his piece trashing the Right?


A joke about masculinity at David’s expense after he wrote an entire article trashing the masculinity of the Right.

Seems … fair?

And cue Dave getting his britches all sorts of bunched up.


Actually evil.

A crass joke?

Eh, not really evil, Dave.

We can think of a few things that are … oh you know, like selling out the people who helped build you up so you can play the self-hating conservative for The New York Times readers? That’s pretty ‘evil’.




That’s what happened.



And that’s the point.

He wrote an entire article trashing a group of people so the lemmings he writes for would cheer him on, and we’re supposed to be mad at Sara for making a joke at his expense. Nope.

Deal with it.



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